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As long as you fight, you’re unconquerable.

Piotr van der Coghen – paraphrase of St. Augustine’s saying

He is a true man who can have many attractive women but decides to stay faithful to the one, for better and for worse, in misfortune, illness and old age...

Piotr van der Coghen

I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.

Ronald Reagan

Most people are comedians, apart from a few pretty good actors.

French saying

I had no idea that there are so many idiots in the world until I discovered the Internet.

Stanisław Lem – writer

If your house gets burned and you won’t have a roof above your head it might be a reason to be happy – you will have a great view on the sky.

Buddhist saying

Better live one day as a tiger than thousand as a sheep.

Tibetan saying

God doesn’t like cowards.

Gen. Sławomir Petelicki – founder of Polish special forces GROM


Greatest glory is not to never stumble , but that after every fall heave up and stand on your feet.



First they ignore you .

Then they laugh at you.

Then you fight . 

And then you win the game.

Mahatma Gandhi





In the mountains , you can lose your life - in the lowlands can be missed.

Martyna Wojciechowska


If your life doesn’t have ups and downs, it means that you’re dead.

God created he appreciates some wisdom or courage - and the other because he has a tremendous sense of humor...

Gravity is a quiet and patient hunter.

Marcin Kacperek - alpine guide UIAGM


The dog, unlike the man asks you a pain, only when it dies

Paraphrase the ruling Brigitte Bardot by Peter van der Coghen

A real woman knows how to dress for the buck, but can be dismantled in exchange for millions…






One man died. Together with him his dog died too. And so the soul of man with a dog at his side, stand in front of the gates of heaven with the words : 

"Paradise. Dogs allowed."

This man didn’t pass through this gate, he went further, into nothingness.

He goes, and after some time he sees the second gate. Nothing is written on them, just old man’s sitting next to it. 

A man walks up to him and says:

-          Excuse me Mr. ... 

-          I’m St. Peter

-          What is behind those gates?

-          Paradise.

-          Can I come in here with a dog?

-          Of course.

-          And what it was for previous gate?

-          Hell. Paradise reach only those who don’tleave friends…