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A school of survival teaches how to cope with all situations and it makes children understand that there is always a way out of oppression. 


At that time of child’s development such psychological attitude is extremely important and brings profits in later life. It shapes self-reliance and makes children believe that there is always a way out, they just need to know how to find it. But that belief itself is extremely important  as in a difficult situation it prevents people from panicking or inaction; it makes them look for a solution desperately and completely concentrate on that.

A person that e.g. understood that a passage through an extremely narrow cave is possible only if body is appropriately arranged; learned how to dry clothes in frosty weather or to sleep in a snow cave, will cope well with life and will not turn to defeatism.

The danger of drug addiction that involves a growing number of people, among them children and teenagers, is largely caused by boredom, low self-esteem, fear of being called a coward by peers and by the curiosity of being ‘high’ as that seems to solve all the problems.

Survival largely eliminates all those motivations and broadens the horizons. A young person that climbs, explores caves, survives in a forest in summer and winter, travels in mud and sands, shoots, rides horses, knows how to give first aid and how to transport the injured person, experiences such an amount of thrill in his or her life that:

- He or she becomes a guru among his or her peers

- No one can accuse him or her of lack of courage

- He or she is never bored

- He or she understands that team work can bring incredible results

- He or she understands that all difficulties will finally be over and that one must sometimes loose a battle to win a war.

That is why I believe that survival is a leap in children’s development. It prepares them for a life that is sometimes brutal and always full of surprises.


Together with my wife (known as Szarotka) we founded the VANCROLL School of Survival, Skiing and Mountaineering in 1990 (that is more than 20 years ago!) and before that we had run survival trainings for teenagers in scouting and in the mountaineering organisation.

Our children as well as all our long-time pupils are successful in their lives.