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Survival is what most people wrongly associate with eating live worms or walking up to one’s waist in mud, while it really is a philosophy of life with an important message.


Survival teaches people that:

- There is a way out of every situation

- A team is always more powerful, although individual spirit of each member is essential

- One should never give up

- All the difficulties sooner or later will be over

- Each time we stand up after a blow we become unconquerable


Survival never eliminates team members (what is sometimes suggested in some films or TV series created by ignorants). On the contrary, survival teaches that each group member is important and we never know when the group might depend on him or her. It is also important that everyone knows that the group will not leave anyone behind, as people left alone become frightened – fear is a poor advisor and may result in bad decisions.

Survival is a training on how to deal with unexpected situations. As Europeans, we lead comfortable lives making use of the state-of-art technologies, but we become helpless in uncommon circumstances that can, however, occur in our lives. We are paralysed and helpless in case of a car accident, fire in a hotel, being robbed in a street or in a foreign country, or when our company goes bankrupt. We are psychologically unprepared for that.

Survival offers a diversified training based on constant bombardment of our minds with changing circumstances, which, with the help of an instructor, are turned into victories. Survival teaches that no situation is a deadlock and if we stay rational we can achieve greater success or at least lose less than if panicking.

As a professional mountain rescuer, mountain guide, survival instructor and, above all, as the head of mountain rescue, I have been running courses on motivation with businesspeople for the last 35 years. I have sheared my experience in building a team that has to survive even in the least favourable circumstances.

I have been also working, for many years, with mountain rescuers, soldiers from special units, antiterrorists and high altitude firefighters in order to teach them survival, coping with all types of terrain and breaking the barriers of their bodies and minds.

In the past decades I have had the pleasure to plan and carry out many survival trainings for problematic teenagers and for teenagers addicted to alcohol and drugs as well as for completely different young people – the disabled ones, for whom the life is most unfair and who desperately need to believe that opportunities are open to everyone who believes in his or her victory.