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Even if you search for a long time, you will not find another place like Jura. A place so gifted by God and nature, where there is something for everyone.


The region, unlike other tourist destinations, is easily accessible from most parts of Poland.


Jura is a region full of white, limestone rocks, honeycombed with hundreds of caves. It has ponds full of fish as well as deep forests, criss-crossed with gorges, ravines and peat bogs, an ideal place for picking wild mushrooms. In Jura you can find the only desert in Europe as well as beautiful reservoirs and springs of Polish rivers – Warta and Pilica. It is also a place where Polish turbulent history is visible in the ruins of castles towering over the land, in bunkers and old trenches and in the Jasna Góra fortress, which withstood the Swedish Deluge...


When a family visits Jura they can do whatever gives them pleasure and still stay close to one another. For example:

- Grandfather can be fishing in one of the numerous ponds

- Grandmother will be picking blueberries and wild mushrooms which are in plenitude here

- Father will go rock climbing with his friends

- Mother will go on a cycling trip along picturesque trails

- Aunt with youngsters can choose the dark side of Jura and visit one of the caves

- Uncle will take his friends to one of the old workings where quads and off-road cars could be driven

- Son can do paragliding – jumping from one of the hills, or windsurfing on one of the reservoirs

- Daughter will take her friends to watch the medieval tournaments or to photograph the fascinating ruins of castles

And in the evening they can all meet for dinner in one of the cosy hotels or taverns of Jura... or they can make a bonfire on which they will prepare sausages, play the guitar in front of their tents, somewhere in the countryside.


And the next day they can, of course, swap the activities:

- Son will go mushroom picking

- Sister can go cycling

- Grandma can climb... ok, let’s not go too far...


Jura is a magical region that offers activities for everyone, regardless of his or her budget. Once you come here, you will always want to come back...


I kindly welcome all of you to visit Jura...