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Jura is not a place with long slopes or with snowy winters. However, what is nowadays needed to create a reasonable ski slope is only water and frost...

And so it happens. Counting the ski slopes with snow cannons invest or lances . A necessary complement is of course the obligatory " snowcat ". In this situation, short , Jurassic slopes are often better equipped and maintained than the routes in the Beskid Mountains or the Alps.


The first professional ski resort in Jura was the Osrodek Rekreacyjny Morsko, near Zawiercie. The slope there is equipped with snow making machines, lighting, radio communication and a snow groomer. What is more, there is a search and rescue station there. The resort consists of a hotel, car park, ski and snowboard rental, cafe, restaurant, pub, two ski slopes (one equipped with automatic time measurement), nursery slope and automatic gates.


The second important ski resort of Jura is the one in Cisowa, near Pilica. The incline of the slope is much better than in Morsko and there are also two ski slopes there (red and green). The resort is also equipped in snow making cannons, ski rental, lighting and a snow groomer, however, what is still lacking there is hotel and catering infrastructure.


The biggest ski resort of Jura is the one in Paczoltowice, near Krakow, which also has all the features to become the best one. It has wide ski slopes, T-bar lifts, snow cannons, lighting, radio communication as well as a hotel, elegant restaurant and a huge car park. There is also a ski school operating in the resort.


What is interesting, is that the ski slopes in Jura are empty on weekdays, apart from evenings, when they are full of skiers and snowboarders. Those are citizens of the nearby towns and cities, of Kraków, Częstochowa or of Zagłębie region. They come after school and work to ski and rest for 3 or 4 hours on the groomed slopes with no queues. It would not be possible for them to visit the Beskidy in such a limited time.


The night skiing on the lit slopes of Jura lasts until 9 p.m., or sometimes even longer if an eager group of skiers arrives.