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My friends and colleagues



In my quite long and interesting life I have met many unusual and creative people.

Among them there are ones with a heart of gold, great courage and imagination, ones with strong personalities and others with incredible energy, who would move heaven and earth if necessary.

Let me introduce you to a few of them, the most interesting ones...


Bronisław Komorowski – President of Poland. Before that, a great parliamentary speaker. A man who personally fought for freedom and democratisation of Poland. A good representative of Poland on the international scene. A great raconteur and diplomat. Once we were together on a diplomatic dinner with the parliamentary speaker of Austria, Ms Barbara Prammer. During that meeting Mr Komorowski narrated the whole history of Poland, in an interesting and amusing way, concentrating on the turning points and on the links with Austria. He claimed that common history is one of the reasons why Poland and Austria should cooperate closely on the international arena.

Ms Prammer was delighted.

I have to admit I was delighted too, especially, as my father was born in Vienna and the matters mentioned where close to my heart



Jurek Owsiak – creator of the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) foundation, with whom I have been friends and co-workers for more than 18 years. Many episodes of TV series Kręcioła and Bezpieczne Wakacje, aimed at accidents prevention, are a little part of what we did together. I don’t know a person that would be more creative and charismatic, who would have more crazy ideas. Still, he is so determined that he manages to make his dreams come true. Thanks to him, every year there is great money-raising organised (WOŚP) that finances saving children’s lives. He is a person of great courage, who can risk everything to achieve his aims. A good example of that is the Przystanek Woodstock concert. If a person is able to gather nearly a million young people, belonging to all the possible subcultures, allow the sale of beer, play hard rock’n’roll on stage and make those people have fun together with no signs of aggression, he is able to achieve absolutely anything in his life.

The unusual character of what they say, that doesn’t happen in any of the Imperial Dynasty of China...



Donald Tusk – For 7 years he was a Prime Minister of Poland. The greatest statesman and the most charismatic politician I know. His unique qualities were proven by the fact that he voluntarily stood out from the presidential election when he could be nearly certain of a victory, in order to take the more difficult and risky position of leading the country as a Prime Minister, especially in this difficult time of the world crisis.

From 1 December 2014 he was elected as a President of the European Union. Nobody in Poland didn’t achieve a great deal like him. What is also unique is his ability to remain friendly and open towards people as well as to view the situation in realistic terms, while holding the power…

Apart from that he is one of those incredible people who solemnly took the oath and became a mountain rescuer in my presence, as a Head of Mountain Rescue.



Grzegorz Schetyna – former Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Administration and Speaker of Sejm. He seems good-natured and a bit helpless, but those are only appearances. He is actually a great organiser, who makes use of reason and logic. As a politician he is wise and bright and as a speaker he is a master of a witty riposte. Mr Schetyna is a person who, in the middle of a heated debate, can make a calm comment that will pacify the speakers and make the audience laugh.

We had thought that there could be no better parliamentary speaker that Bronisław Komorowski. We were wrong.



Jerzy Buzek – former President of the European Parliament and Polish Prime Minister. An academic lecturer. A statesman with great moral and civil courage. As the Prime Minister he had to introduce necessary, though unpopular changes, because of which the AWS party lost the following election. Today, those changes are referred to as historic. Mr Buzek has got extraordinarily broad international relations and is a great representative of Poland.

Once, in my parliamentary office, we were considering my candidacy to the European Parliament. We also talked about Polish laws on safety and rescue, on hiking trails, quads and skiing infrastructure that still needed to be worked on. Finally, he told me: There is no reason to hurry. You still have a lot to do in the Polish Parliament...



Radosław Sikorski – Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Minister of Defence, in love with the army. He seriously considered standing for Presidency in 2010. A born diplomat and an Oxford graduate, well prepared for his office. An extraordinarily brave journalist. A former war correspondent in Afghanistan and Angola. The winner of the World Press Photo in 1987.

With his outstanding qualifications, broad international relations, knowledge of languages, British citizenship and American connections he still chose Poland as a place to live and work for.

Mr Sikorski has great civil courage to share his opinions, even the unpopular ones.



Ewa Kopacz – paediatrician, general practitioner, former Minister of Health with a passion for medicine and politics. An interesting blend of a delicate woman with intriguing beauty and a decisive character. Mrs Kopacz is a politician with great civil courage, which she proved by refusing to acquire the expensive and unreliable vaccines against Swine Flu, although the opposition madly protested, during the alleged pandemic declared by the WHO.

She initiated difficult, though necessary changes to the Polish health care system, based on her own, well-weighted decisions. She proved courageous and dedicated when as the Minister of Health and a Doctor she travelled to Russia after the tragic plane crush in Smoleńsk, to be there with families of the deceased.

Since 8th November 2011 she has been the first female Speaker of the Sejm in the Polish history.



Andrzej Czuma – colourful personage, lawyer, activist of the anticommunist movement, political prisoner in the People’s Republic of Poland (he is rumoured to be among the young activists who planned to blow up the Lenin’s Museum in Poronin), member of the Polish Diaspora in the USA, Member of the Polish Parliament and former Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General. An honest man with great civil courage, open to present his independent views (also the unpopular ones). There are soldiers who are not afraid of a battle. In civil service Andrzej Czuma is such a soldier.



Joanna Mucha – Member of the Polish Parliament, politician, Doctor of Economics, academic lecturer at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Incredibly, she is all that: a beautiful, charming and delicate woman, a mother of two sons, a wise, elegant and calm person, an economist that speaks beautiful Polish and is ready for serious debates on economy and finances as well as on social issues of Poles. Mrs Mucha is also the author of a work on disabled children, in which she proposes changes in the system regarding those children and their parents. She also promotes donating bone marrow for those suffering from leukaemia and better treatment of animals (as a Head of the Parlamentarny Zespół Przyjaciół Zwierząt).

Currently, she is the first female Minister of Sport and Tourism in the Polish history!



Jarosław Gowin – Member of the Polish Parliament, former Member of the Senate, politician, philosopher and commentator, scholar of Cambridge. One of the best parliamentary members, praised for the constancy of his views, good manners, accurate comments and being in opposition to most, even within his party. As a Head of a Constitutional Commission he was often able to reach a consensus with the opposition without any public quarrels, although the issue was very delicate. The organizer of the archive of John Paul II’s life and teaching in Kraków. One of the creators and the Rector of the Tischner European University. Although he is calm and seems melancholic, he is an endless source of ideas, energy, accurate remarks and thoughts. A person skilled in sensible negotiations, who can still stand for his beliefs with great courage.

Currently, the Minister of Justice.



Iwona Guzowska – Member of the Polish Parliament , brave and tough person, multiple European and World Champion in Kick-boxing and Boxing (for the first time in Atlantic City in 1993), four-times World Cup winner, seven-times Champion of Poland. Although educated as a bookkeeper, she is a professional boxer. A great example of a person that made a global career with no help from the outside and with no realistic chances to succeed (she was an orphan raised in an alcoholic’s home, who got pregnant in high school and since then raised her child alone). She achieved everything only thanks to her consistency, hard work and faith in success.

She is a great example of the never-give-up attitude.

Mrs Guzowska, who is always cheerful, realistic and friendly, promotes child adoption and foster care.



Lee Feinstein – 25th USA Ambassador in Poland. An outstanding expert on defence and foreign affairs, a witty politician, former counsellor of President Obama. In my opinion he is a more competent diplomat than his predecessor when it comes to the issues of Poland and its relations with Russia. A conversation with him is a pure pleasure. There are many issues that we can touch upon as most of my closest family is American now. I have the pleasure to work together with Mr Ambassador in the Poland-USA parliamentary group. On our first meeting in the bilateral group we agreed not to raise the controversial issue of American visas for Poles. Still, this issue, together with the project of missile defence in Poland and participation of Polish troops in stability missions with Americans, keeps coming back in debates.  


Zvi Rav-Ner – an experienced Israeli diplomat with Polish roots. The Israeli Ambassador in Poland and a kind and open man. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Diti, a painter and a fascinating person. We have much to discuss concerning issues such as peace in the Far East or the phenomenon of Israel – a very modern country that cultivates the history and traditions of its citizens. A topic that brings us together is the common past of Poles and Jews, especially that my father Stanisław (who spoke both German and Yiddish fluently) was a prisoner and doctor in one of the Nazi concentration camps. He was the head of the camp’s hospital where doctors did all they could to save their co-prisoners who were dying in great numbers because of illnesses, starving and torture. Those people were mostly Jewish.



Jan Rzymełka – declared Silesian, former member of a local government, Member of the Polish Parliament with greatest experience. Former deputy to the General Assembly of the Council of Europe. A professional geologist and a Doctor of Philosophy. Activist of the anticommunist movement, during the Martial Law interned in Uherce in the Bieszczady Mountains. A mountain guide and a passionate collector of stones. He can be easily recognised as only he always wears a stone bolo instead of a tie. What is interesting, is that the bolo is different every day and it is always a precious, geological treasure (from polished amber to basalt). Apart from that, he is a real expert who becomes involved in all issues connected with the exploitation of underground resources and people who make their living on mining.



Andrzej Gut-Mostowy – an indigenous inhabitant of the Polish mountains (Góral),born in Zakopane. A precise and cheerful person, Member of the Polish Parliament. An experienced member of the local government, outstanding economist and successful entrepreneur – the owner of the Sabała hotel in Zakopane. An active member of the Commission of Economy and the Commission of Sport and Tourism that recently modified the Polish law on touristic services.

A member of the catholic association Rycerze Kolumba, one of the main objectives of which is to save unborn children.

Mr Gut-Mostowy is a real ambassador of his region (Podhale).



Dzidzia Owsiak – the wife of Jurek Owsiak (on the left). If it is Jurek who created WOŚP (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity foundation), it is Dzidzia who made it function well. It is thanks to her rationalism that Jurek’s incredible ideas can be put into life in a sensible and safe way.


The lady on the right is their younger daughter, Ewa. It was not even 10 years ago that she was a participant in the classes for kids that I ran with my wife in the Jura (we have been doing it for over 25 years now!). How time flies...




Aleksander Chruściel – long-term Head of Training of the Mountain Rescue’s board in Zakopane. The greatest master of mountain sports and an Expert Witness. Senior mountain rescue instructor, mountain guide, PZA2 cave mountaineering instructor, PZN3 ski instructor and lecturer. An exceptional cave mountaineer that still explores big caves all around the world. An entrepreneur in the mountaineering business, the owner of the Explorer company that produces professional cave equipment. A person of great reliability and composure; in the most heated debates he will always stay calm. The author of the historic shift in the mountain rescue’s training programme – from the main emphasis on skiing to the emphasis on mountaineering, as well as a creator of requirements for rescuers that enable them to drive quads and snowmobiles that belong to mountain rescue groups.



Jacek Bujański (on the left) – an outstanding technician and a participant of motorcycle and quad races all around the world. He has a passion for quads and he promotes using them in a civilised way. An entrepreneur in the motorcycle business. The constructor of the first quad rescue trailer in the world as well as of a transporter that holds a quad, a rescue trailer and a universal mountain stretcher all together. He contributed greatly to the practical application of quads in mountain rescue. A good, composed and cheerful person.

Rafał Sonik (on the right) - multiple Champion Of Poland in quads and a great fan of this sport. A participant in many extreme quad races, among them the Race of Brazil, the Dakar Race and the Pharaons Rally. A long-term Head of the Polish Quad Association – ATV Poland that popularises the sport and its rules. A very creative and cheerful person that will get out of any oppression easily



Krystyn Sosada Prof. zw. dr hab. n . med . - An extremely dynamic character . Head of the department and Clinical Department of General Surgery and Emergency Medicine , a specialist in general surgery , emergency medicine specialist , Regional Consultant in the field of Emergency Medicine and a member of the Ministry of Health experts in this field. Author of 251 academic publications. In 2000-2005 he was head of the Department of Emergency Medicine , and Department of Clinical Surgery, Multi-organ Trauma and Emergency Medicine in Bytom. In 2000-2005, he worked as Deputy Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Public Health , Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. He is Vice President of the Polish Society of Emergency Medicine . His hobby is sailing and skiing – he loves it. 


Marek Biernacki - one of the most popular on the coast of Gdansk politicians. Member of Parliament, III, V , VI and VII of the term. In 1999-2001, the government of Jerzy Buzek was Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration. During his tenure established the Central Bureau of Investigation . Co-author of the act establishing the Institute of National Remembrance . In 2009 became chairman of the commission of inquiry to investigate the circumstances of the kidnapping and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik.

Longtime head of the parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs. Thanks to the support of śp. Constantine Miodowicz and Marek Biernacki managed to carry out two , very difficult and long-awaited legislation that :

for mountain rescue and about water rescue .

May 6, 2013 , he was Minister of Justice in the government of Donald Tusk. He is extremely clever and righteous and nice person.

Michael Joseph Schudrich - Polish Chief Rabbi . Native American , a New Yorker of Polish origin (his ancestors came from Baligród in the Bieszczady ) . Is a historian and expert on religion. In the years 1983-1989 he was in Japan, where he was a Conservative rabbi in the Jewish community in Tokyo. In 2000, he was the rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz. In 2004 he was elected chief rabbi of Polish . He is a member of the International Chapter of the Order of Smile . In 2005 he received Polish citizenship. Is now a US citizen , and Polish . In 2009 he was awarded the Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta for outstanding achievements in the business for the benefit of Polish-Jewish dialogue , and in 2010 the medal " Missio Reconciliationis " awarded by the National Association of "The Mission of Reconciliation ," which seeks to forgive wrongs between people of different cultures , nations and communities.

In 2010 he was invited by President Lech Kaczynski to the Polish delegation to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre flying aircraft Tu- 154, which crashed in Smolensk. Because of the religious laws forbidding Jews to time travel Sabbath , refused the invitation , which saved his life . Open-hearted and clever man.


Szewach Weiss was born in 1935 in Borysław Polish borderlands near Drohobych in Lviv region . He and his family survived the Holocaust because they managed to escape from the ghetto . He was protected by the Poles and Ukrainians . In 1946, he emigrated to Palestine , and already in 1954 he was one of the best athletes in Israel. He joined the army where he became a radio journalist . He studied at the Faculty of Political Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Faculty of Law at Tel - Aviv. In 1965, he was in a car accident that ended his sports career. In 1975 he founded the Department of Media at the University of Haifa and became a professor of political science. Since 1969, the Local Government and later became a politician. Often represented as a delegate of the Israeli Knesset, the Council of Europe . Elected in 1992, Chairman of the Knesset . Since 2001 , he served as Israeli ambassador to Poland, where he took an important part in Polish public life. Since 2000 he was the Chairman of the Yad Vashem Memorial Institute . He lectures at the University of Warsaw. He is the author of dozens of books: for children, about political science and about the Holocaust. Since 2008  he’s a member of the International Chapter of the Order of Smile . Polyglot , fluent in languages: Hebrew, Polish , English and Russian. Very intriguing man and writer.


Beata Maria Bublewicz - Member of Parliament, V , VI and VII of the term. By profession : sociologist, English teacher and PR specialist . She is an outstanding professional in the field of motor sports and road safety. Daughter of the famous Polish Marian Bublewicz racer who died tragically in a car accident . She’s a great representative of the Masurian Lake District in the Sejm. Vice-President of the Parliamentary Committee of Internal Affairs. She’s a member of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport and the Committee on Foreign Affairs . She’s also President of the Polish- Tibetan Parliamentary Group . Acted in parliamentary Group on Water Rescue and Mountain Rescue and the Parliamentary Group of Women. In 2007 she represented Poland at the OECD conference in Paris and Joint Forces Command Brunssum Allied in the Netherlands and NATO Headquarters in Brussels. She’s the head of his own foundation. As a woman politician combines beauty with great charm and intelligence , as in life does not happen very often .


Małgorzata Kidawa- is deputy minister in the Prime Minister and government spokesman , Member of Parliament of the Republic of Poland from Warsaw , Vice-President of the Parliamentary Club PO . Member of Parliament, V , VI and VII of the term. Vice-President of the Parliamentary Committee on Ethics of Deputies and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media . In 2010, she was the spokesperson for the presidential campaign of Bronislaw Komorowski

Great-granddaughter of two prominent politicians: President of Poland Stanislaw Wojciechowski and Prime Minister Władysław Grabski .

MA in Sociology at the University of Warsaw. She wanted professional tied to film and culture. In the second half of the 80s worked in the literary department of Film Studio named Karol Irzykowski . In 1994-2005 she was a film producer Gambit Production and together with her husband , a great director Jan Kidawa - Błoński produced films and television programs . Their biggest project was "Prison Blues". She has a son Jan. She loves music, garden , pets and mountaineering . She is extremely dynamic , cheerful and always kind-hearted for everyone and all over the world.



Jarosław Wałęsa . Son of the legendary leader of "Solidarity" , later President of Poland Lech Wałęsa. He studied and worked in the USA. Member of Parliament V and VI of the term. Member of the European Parliament. One of the hardest working members I've ever met . The parliament was the only MP who attended the sessions still on the Plenary Hall of the Sejm. Member of the Commission for the Union and Foreign Affairs. Chairman of the Group for Tibet. She loves riding his motorcycle. Miraculously escaped with his life when his vehicle drove up the road to integrating movement. He had a complicated fracture that required surgical intervention several times using surgical screws . He laughs that since then squeal all the metal detectors when passing next to them . Extremely friendly , cheerful and clever parliamentarian .  


 There will be definitely more of the interesting people to describe....