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One May morning the rescue station in Jura was visited by two completely drunk men who claimed that their friend had fallen onto the bottom of a cave and died...

It happened some years ago. The information about a lethal accident in a cave electrified all the rescuers and caused a state of alert. The circumstances of the accident were more than unclear and the people who reported it were drunk and repulsive. Although one can never fully trust a drunk person, even an irrational and crazy report can contain a grain of truth... Two rescuers started the quad immediately to verify the reports that directed them to the popular Szpatowców cave. 

It needs to be said that Szpatowcow is a popular cave situated in Podlesice and which had been accidentally discovered by a soldier while he was building an artillery stand. The cave is partly the result of karst formation and partly of a later mining exploitation of calcite (popularly known as szpat), which was indispensable in the glass factories of the region. The cave starts with a 30-metres-long, steep corridor which ends abruptly with an opening to a chamber that is 7 storeys high. There are two openings in the ceiling of the chamber, separated with a cylindrical, rock bridge, a few metres long. Of course the bottom of the chamber is absolutely inaccessible without the mountaineering gear, necessary to descend and to climb out of the cave.

When the rescuers arrived on the spot, they saw the remains of a bonfire, tents and a van. Surprisingly, no ropes were found near the entrance to that vertical cave... Still, the report had to be verified quickly, so the rescuers fastened the ropes and descended into the cave.

On the bottom of the chamber they found a body of a girl in her early twenties with a smashed head... It seemed that the girl fell, her head down, and smashed into a wooden ladder that someone had put on the stone floor of the cave. 

The examination of the deceased revealed some shocking facts: the girl had her trousers and pants down and her bra torn so that her breasts and bottom were exposed...

The whole situation looked very suspicious. The police and the prosecutor that arrived on the spot treated the men who had reported the accident as suspects or even murderers.

The drunk companions of the deceased swore that the day before they had climbed with her in the rocks and then drank alcohol all the evening long and finished the party in the cave, on the rock bridge above the chamber, in which the girl later died.

They claimed that by the end of the party the girl asked them to leave, so they came back to the bonfire. However, as she was drunk, they fastened her with a sling to the ring on the cave wall to prevent her from falling down.

The problem was that the dead girl at the bottom of the cave had no harness, not to mention a sling or clip hook... 

What is more, the family of the deceased claimed that the girl had never drank alcohol...


When asked by the rescuers why there were no ropes in the cave, the men said that they had slept in the tents and had come back to the cave in the morning, but the girl was not there. In the beginning they thought that she just went home, but then they saw her dead body in the chamber. They panicked and collected all the mountaineering gear from the cave. It seemed that only after a while they understood that none of them could drive... that was when they informed the mountain rescue about the accident.

As the testimony was inconsistent and contradictory, the police suspected that the girl had been molested in the cave by the men who tried to undress her and she fell down as a result of a struggle, or was later thrown down on purpose.

As part of the investigation, the rescuers were asked by the prosecutor to prepare a photographic documentation on the spot while the police searched the van. They found mountaineering gear that looked as if it had been used in a cave and... a small, female harness with an unusual knot sling and a clip hook at the back... Such an arrangement of the sling might have confirmed the fact the girl had been fastened to the cave wall by her companions...

So what had happened? Why the girl had no harness? Why was she undressed? Why did she fall? How did she die?


I will try to answer those questions in the next story, entitled THE MYSTERY OF ANIA’S DEATH REVEALED.







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