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It is said that mountain rescue is sometimes scary, sometimes funny, as there are rescue operations during which it’s sometimes difficult to stay serious...

I remember one such occasion very well. Spring already arrived in the valleys, but winter in the mountains was still beautiful, with snow shimmering in the sunshine. The slope outside the mountain shelter was covered with firm snow, ideal for skiing. The ski lift was operating and the laughter of skiing course members could be heard everywhere around.

I was on duty with another rescuer, with whom we trained skiing in beautiful sunshine which tanned our faces. Suddenly, we were approached by a ski instructor who informed us that a girl, a participant of the skiing course, had broken her arm.

We took out the rescue toboggan and asked about the spot where the unfortunate skier had had an accident. The embarrassed instructor told us that the girl didn’t break her arm on the slope but in the shelter, empty at that time of day. Knowing that, I was sure that the girl slipped on the wet stairs in the uncomfortable skiing shoes, fell down and broke her arm.

But the situation was more complicated than that... 

When we reached the shelter, out of breath after having run through the snow with the first aid kit and splints, we did find the beautiful skier in one of the rooms with a broken right arm and sprained left one, but additionally, we found her completely naked...

We didn’t know what to do for a second, but soon we got to know what had happened... The young lady waited until all her roommates were on the slope in order to be alone, precisely, to be alone with the charming skiing instructor for an individual tutorial of a kind... The tutorial turned into heavy, physical exercise on a bunk bed. Everything was going well in the erotic intercourse until the girl slipped and crushed on the floor. Falling from nearly 2 metres on a hard, wooden floor is never safe and as the girl tried to protect her head, she injured both her arms.

Only after the ashamed lovers explained what had happened, we understood why the beautifully-built skier, laying on the floor of a mountain shelter, was completely naked.

For the first time in my rescue experience, in order to transport the girl safely into the ambulance in the valley, we had to dress her up, starting from the underwear...

The cooking ladies working in the mountain shelter were jealous of the handsome instructor, and although they were no saints themselves, they refused to help in dressing up the girl, as they didn’t want to deal with such an immoral creature...







Wróć do bloga