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I have seen a lot on the 1st April mornings in the mountains because of the pranks that people played on one another. However, one particular Fool’s Day stands out in my memory...

The last night of a skiing camp was over and the cheerful but tired teenagers were packing their belongings. At the same time they kept playing tricks on their friends so that laughter, screams and rumbling footsteps on the wooden staircase were heard all around the mountain shelter.

There were no skiing classes planned that day and the cloudy, spring-like weather didn’t encourage to go out. Together with another rescuer we spent a lazy morning in the rescue station taking naps and listening to the smooth jazz from the radio...

Suddenly, someone banged on the door. Fed up with noises throughout the night, we rushed to the door with the intention to scorn on the pranksters. However, there was a crying teenager on the doorstep who reported that his twin sister had broken her leg while skiing.

We looked at him in disbelief. Are you kidding? Fool’s Day again? You finished your skiing course yesterday and everyone was ok then. Now the skies are locked in the storeroom. You all had fun during the disco last night, jumping without any problems, and now you are telling me that your sister broke her leg while skiing? No way. 

But the boy was so terrified that we decided to check what was going on.

He was right. In one of the rooms lay a girl, exhausted from pain, with a broken leg. Broken for sure – the knee joint was bent the other way round. I hadn’t seen such a messed up knee for a long time. The teenagers continued claiming that the incident had happened on the slope, but the stream of questions from the terrified but angry group leader made them confess...

The truth was far from romantic and quite surprising: when the girl woke up in the morning she started complaining that the winter break was nearly over and that she would have to go back to school. She was depressed and listed all the pleasures that would be over soon.

She lay in bed and dreamt: If I had a broken leg... that would be great! I would lie in bed for three weeks, watching TV series all day long... No school... Paradise... Her twin brother decided to help her: If you want, I can break that leg for you. She agreed. He told her to sit on one chair and put her foot on the other. He then jumped and fell on her leg with all his force, obviously breaking the knee severely. 

Are you mad? – we asked him. He started crying and said he hadn’t meant that.

How come you didn’t? – we shouted at him. He was crying even harder but replied: I did it, but I was sure she was joking and that she would move the leg back in the last minute...

Why didn’t you move the leg back? – we asked the girl. I was sure he was joking and that he wouldn’t jump... she told us.


We appreciated the sense of humour of the teenagers and did our job – we immobilised the broken leg and prepared a landing spot for the rescue helicopter, as the broken joint had to be operated as soon as possible...






Wróć do bloga