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Sometimes what saves someone’s life is pure coincidence. It can for example be strong belief in ghosts... of an adult passer-by

One day in July an agitated elderly man came to the Central Rescue Station of the Jura Mountain Rescue Team in Podlesice. Despite the heat and the fact the he definitely wasn’t an athlete, he ran all the way to tell the rescuers that he had heard a phantom in the forest... The rescuers did not believe the stranger but still asked him to give some more details of the situation. The tourist told them how he had heard a story of a ghost from a guide in the Morsko castle and then had decided to continue his trip towards the ruins of a Medieval castle in Bobolice. On his way there, deep in a forest, he had heard terrifying howling of a phantom.

The rescuers listened attentively, but assured the man that they had never seen or heard the phantom at midday. They asked the man to show them the way, so that they could have a closer look at the ghost. The elderly man agreed to lead the way, on condition that he would only point the dreadful place from the distance.

After a couple of minutes the Mountain Rescue Land Rover arrived at a clearing near the Szpatowców cave. The rescuers immediately saw a rope tied to a tree that went down to the dark cave. When they shouted into the cave they heard a terrifying sound – like squeaking and wheezing and howling all together... They decided to check what was going on inside the cave. When they had fastened their ropes and slid down, they saw something very strange: there was a sparingly dressed, frozen man in his forties sitting on a rock. He could communicate with the rescuers only with a whistling, squeaking whisper. Soon, everything was clear.

That 40-year-old man was working in Warsaw, or other big city in a boring company and one day his youth came back to him. He suddenly remembered how he would go to Jurassic caves with his friends, how they would sit by a bonfire, how his friends were cheerful and girls flirtatious. He decided to live through those memories and so he found a 20-year-old rope stuck somewhere in his house and made a solitary trip to one of the desolated caves.

It was in a middle of a week so there were not many people around. Because of that he felt safe to leave the backpack with all his belongings under a tree. It was an extremely hot day so he was only dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. He chose one of the trees, tied the rope to it and went down.

Unfortunately, it turned out that he had chosen a tree that was too distant from the cave and the rope became too short. Still, he managed to get to the bottom of the cave as the old Polish Bezalin ropes were famous for their extreme elasticity. However, at the moment he unfastened the rope it instantly shot up... and stopped 3 metres above the cave’s bottom...

The poor man had been doing everything he could to get hold of the rope and get out of the cave... He collected all the rocks around him into a pile, climbed it and tried to jump up from its top to get to the rope. Of course, those attempts ended in nothing more but painful bruises. Some trials to climb up the wet and slippery cave walls had similar results.

Finally, he gave up and accepted the fact that he was trapped. His only chance was to cry for help. Shivering from cold (in caves there is a constant temperature of 5-8 degrees – like in a fridge), he shouted for help and hoped to catch somebody’s attention. Time flied, but in the middle of a week trails were deserted. After spending some time this way he lost his voice and was only able to squeak and howl...

This howling was heard by the legends-lover who decided to inform Mountain Rescue Team about what he had heard.

Fortunately, because otherwise the poor cave-lover without clothes would get more frozen and more dehydrated every single hour... every single day... until a sad end, or until another group of cave fans would arrive...






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