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Sometimes we feel so lonely and forlorn in this world that even the faith that we have professed throughout our life, even the Commandments, cannot stop us...

One day the telephone rang in the Mountain Rescue Team station in Jura. A man from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship phoned to inform us that his ninety-year-old grandmother was missing. He reported that the police and the fire fighters had already been looking for her for a week, everywhere around, but with no results. He asked us to come with our dogs.

One thing was clear from the beginning – a grandmother definitely didn’t choose to run away and lead a new, free life, what is frequently the case with younger people. She was missing for seven days. It looked serious, so I decided to go. A Land Rover with rescuers and search and rescue dogs departed from Podlesice.

When we arrived, the rescuers asked the family for something that belonged to the missing woman, so that the dogs could take the scent. A young, dynamic lady brought us some underwear that has just been washed and ironed... It took her a second to realise that such scent would only lead us to the closest laundry, and then she brought, not without shame, old and worn out slippers that belonged to the grandmother. We gave them to the dogs, who immediately became thrilled.

The dogs enthusiastically followed the scent to the little room at the back of the house where grandma lived, and then took the back exit into a wild garden. There, they became interested in an old well, partly covered with old, mouldy boards. They showed us, without doubt, that their mission was over...

Not really convinced, we uncovered the well... it was about 40 meters deep so the light from our torches was not of much help. Because of the dogs’ reaction we had to go down and check. We secured a rope and one of the rescuers descended to the well. Soon everything was clear. The woman was lying at the bottom of the well, covered in water. Dead.

The witnesses were shocked. We’ve looked for her everywhere, but not here! – sighted one of the fire fighters. She lost her husband half a year ago and since then she couldn’t find peace... – one of the neighbours told us sadly.

There came the police and a prosecutor. We had to go down again, fasten the body to a stretcher normally used in cave rescue and bring it to the surface.

The woman was tiny. When we freed her from the stretcher we saw that underneath her black blouse she wore a golden chain with a little cross that she was still holding tight in her hand... I mused over the reason that led her to such a decision. How bad could she feel in this world that she didn’t want to live anymore? Was it that bad that she ignored the fact that what she did – a suicide - was an unforgivable sin for any Christian?

Maybe she was driven by the lack of acceptance or respect in a house that was once run by her? Or maybe it was just loneliness and an empty space left by the partner who had passed away, lack of somebody to talk to...

Sometimes people are like wild ducks. When one dies the other can’t live anymore without the other...


People say that being a rescuer is sometimes sad, sometimes funny. What was most interesting in this case, and most unexpected, was the reaction of the family. They didn’t mourn the dead grandmother but, instead, angrily complained : You know what? We had water that was famous in the whole commune! It was so clean and tasty... People would come from many villages around here to get some water into the bottles. But for the last couple of days something was wrong with it. It stank. We couldn’t get what it was, even the fresh laundry stank. No matter how much sugar you added, the coffee was still awful... If only we had known! We had a pump in the well that supplied the house with water. And there she was!

No wonder that when the lady wanted to invite us for tea or coffee, in gratitude for our help, in refusal we gave her the first, stupid argument that came to our mind: No, thanks. We drink tea only in Mc Donald’s...





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